Sandusky County Commissioner's

Address: 622 Croghan Street Fremont, Ohio 43420 

Telephone: (419) 334-6100

Fax: (419) 334-6104

Office Hours: 7:30AM to 4:30PM Monday-Friday 
Elected Officials: Kay E. Reiter, Scott MillerRuss Zimmerman

Email Addresses:


The Board of County Commissioners serves as the Administrators for the entire County.

Included in their responsibilities is the formulation of a multi-million dollar budget, approval of all purchase vouchers, negotiation and approval of union contracts, pro active long term planning, and the day-to-day handling of a wide variety of County issues.

The Board also approves the County Road Program for the County Engineer. They advertise and take bids on all road, bridge, ditch and sewer projects. They are responsible for the maintenance on the inside and outside of the County buildings. They also hold hearings on all drainage ditch projects, annexations, establishing and vacating roads and many other projects.

Reviews are completed annually for  budget requests including personnel, supplies and equipment and are reviewed and managed on a daily basis. 

The Board of Sandusky County Commissioners consists of three members.

At the present they are as follows:
 Kay E. Reiter, Scott Miller Russ Zimmerman

County Administrator: Theresa Garcia

Email Address:

Meeting Minutes  

Commissioners Meeting on Thursday, July 25th will be an evening meeting. The meeting will be held at the Bellevue City Council Chambers at 3000 Seneca Incustrial Parkway, Bellevue, Ohio. Session will begin at 6:00pm.

Agenda 7/18/19   - Amended 7/17/19 @ 5:39pm

Commissioners Corner - June Newsletter